Rose Quartz Crystal Candles  from The Natural Experience

Elevate your space and uplift your mood with our delightful crystal candles. Infused with positive vibes, each candle creates a cozy atmosphere of serenity and inspiration. Harnessing the natural power of crystals, they amplify intentions and manifest desires. Long-lasting and comforting, our candles are here to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and joy. Let their warm glow illuminate your path and fill your space with inviting energy and good vibes.


Unlock the Feminine Cosmic Energy (Shakti) - The source of creation, with our empowering candles

Meet the maker of the natural experience

Meet the Maker

I am so happy to introduce you myself, the woman behind the brand The Natural Experience. I am a mum of two girls, fitness enthusiast, mindfulness practitioner and a regular meditator. I had a big dream to create a great brand to give value to customers with own powerful experience.
Myself and my partner Aj have changed our life style, our thinking pattern and started attracting happiness, wealth, peace, love and everything we want to have them in our life after we started practicing transformative affirmations, vizualising, gratitude practice. We have invested a lot into change our mindset to change our life.

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Together we can change

True living is by giving

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They provide essential food and grocery relief to over one million Australians experiencing food insecurity every month. They collaborate with the entire Australian food and grocery sector, including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers, who donate and redirect surplus products to them.

In Australia, Foodbank works with 2,844 front-line charities and 3,379 school breakfast programs to get over 82 million meals to those who could use a hand.

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