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Amazonite – I am Blessed - Perfume for Manifestation

Amazonite – I am Blessed - Perfume for Manifestation

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Introducing our manifestation perfume, a blend of powerful scents designed to enhance your intentions. Infused with the energy of amazonite stone, each spritz invites the manifestation of your desires. Let the fruity notes of blackberry and clementine awaken your senses, while the exotic aroma of cactus and cappuccino adds depth and intrigue. A hint of pepper ignites passion, while floral touches of camellia and orchid symbolize growth and transformation. Finally, let the warmth of amber and musk ground your intentions. With every inhalation, feel your manifestations taking shape, empowered by the energy of our unique blend.


Premium grade perfume base & fragrance oils.

Premium grade perfume base - Made with the highest quality cosmetic grade Ethanol*, demineralised water, glycerine & antioxidants.

fragrance notes: Blackberry, clementine, cactus, cappuccino, pepper, camellia, orchids, amber & musk

Please note:

  • Our premium fragrance oil made in Australia
  • All our fragrances are meticulously crafted to the highest standards, adhering to The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) code of practice
  • All fragrances are free from lead, DBP & DEHP phthalates, formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, carbon, petroleum, paraffin wax, and palm oil
  • Our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

Purpose of our perfume:

Imagine your biggest dreams becoming real right in front of you. They're not just wishing anymore; they're solid, waiting for you to grab hold. With every breath, feel the power within you bringing these dreams to life. Believe it because it's happening!

Discover the transformative power of our manifestation perfume, crafted to amplify your intentions, and bring your desires to life. With each deep inhale and exhale, Feel You have achieved your dreams and goals, surpassed them, and smashed through every obstacle in your path. Embrace the energy of manifestation and watch as your dreams manifest into existence.


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